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Captain Steve Stroud is the New WGA Travel Manager and Myidtravel expert. His contact info is below:

720-427-4470 or

Captain Scott Darsney is your ALPA Jumpseat Chairman.

907-978-5131 or

FO Robert Boone is the ALPA Jumpseat Co-chair.

919-333-3732 or

The Jumpseat Committee is pleased to announce we have signed a agreememt with JetBlue and it is active.  Please be professional with this new agreement.

Delta Jumpseat is still active "But"  Flying on Skywest Metal is still a question!!!! They will not sign an agreement. So if there is a problem make sure its not Skywest Metal  The Republic metal issue is resolved.

ID90 website is active for all employees!!! Go and create a password to get discounts on travel/cruises/resorts/hotels

Western Global has also been added to the ALPA  Jumpseat list and all listing procedures are on the site

IFL Group/Gulf & Caribbean Cargo

We have a new agreement.  Listing procedure is 24 hrs prior.  Call 248-666-9713 Dispatch. 


UPS 2022


The company has confirmed that we will begin operating flights for  UPS starting in December with three MD-11 aircraft, with that number decreases from last years peak total.


The Jumpseat Committee would like to announce an agreement with, The Inter Airline Travel were Western Global Employees can enjoy discounted vacation travel. Please visit to create your own personal account to enjoy this new benefit.

United & Delta

Skywest remains that last hold out on agreements. Your committees continues to attempt this agreement which would help with both United and Delta agreements

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