Delta is now available to jumpseat on.  Skywest will not sign an agreement.  Endeavor, Sun Country, new Ravn Alaska have signed agreements

Congratulations to the our four new hires on the completion of OE on the MD.  Job well done.!!!!!!

As Airlines continue to go out of Business we will try to keep the list updated.

Captain Steve Stroud, FO Daniel Garza &

FO Scott Darsney

Welcome to the 12 new WGA pilots that started class yesterday.

Western Global has also been added to the ALPA  Jumpseat list and all listing procedures are on the site http://www.jumpseatinfo.org/

IFL Group/Gulf & Caribbean Cargo

We have a new agreement.  Listing procedure is 24 hrs prior.  Call 248-666-9713 Dispatch. 



Fedex 2020

The company has announced four planes will be flying for Fedex

UPS 2020


The company has confirmed that we will begin operating flights for  UPS starting in November with eight MD-11 aircraft, with that number increasing throughout the year leading up to Peak 2020.

We continue to hire pilots for both fleets and will plane on new hire classes thru at least June if not further.


The Jumpseat Committee would like to announce an agreement with Perx.com, The Inter Airline Travel were Western Global Employees can enjoy discounted vacation travel. Please visit www.perx.com to create your own personal account to enjoy this new benefit.


We currently have an agreement in place with mainline United on Mainline United flights ONLY. However we are actively working to secure agreements with all other United Express carriers, in order to stream-lime the entire United system. 

We have added Express Jet dba United Express domestic only to our list of agreements.

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